Review: The Mentalist - Rose-Colored Glasses Season 2, Episode 11

I love Jane's humor! Don't you? This week, our favorite mentalist was a fish out of water when the case of the week lead the team to a high school reunion, an event Jane never attended before since he was too "busy" to go to school. Based on the previous episode, he was probably too busy conning people for/with his father.

As Jane told Lisbon, everyone at such a reunion lies, making it difficult for them to find out the killer. So to help get the truth out, Jane resorted to blackmailing a friend!

Let's deal with that blackmailing of Rigsby in order for him to agree to go undercover at the reunion. I doubt Jane will ever spill the beans on Rigsby and Van Pelt, as they are part of the only family Jane has right now and telling on them would break up his family and create chaos.

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