Review: Project Runway - Back to New York Season 7, Episode 1

As if last season of Project Runway was a bad hiccup, we're returning to New York with Michael Korrs and Nina Garcia permanently on the judging panel.

The show opened up on the roofs of the Atlas Apartments. The energy of the show felt back to normal in New York City. The first challenge was borrowed from season four: pick from a whole ton of fabrics to display the designer's point of view. The twist was that the contestants had to edit down to five fabrics. In the end, most of the designers edited down to two fabrics. They were given one day, which felt steep for day one.

Casting did go a little far after having the boring contestants like Althea and Carol Hannah last season. This time I kept hearing the words "risks," "imagination," and "innovation" to remind me that there was an original point of view. I still don't know everyone, and temporarily I associate the person with their jobs like Disney guy, Comic Book Illustrator, Physical Therapist, and Advertising executive.

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