Review: Parks and Recreation - The Set-Up Season 2, Episode 13

I guess Leslie decided not to have that long-distance relationship with Dave. As much as I liked him, he's not around, and I'm glad Leslie is moving on. It may not have gone very well for her, but I love how Leslie is confident enough to not disguise her disgust for Chris. Seeing the real-life husband and wife on a terrible blind date was fun, but I'd like to see Will Arnett on the show again, and the way things ended didn't leave a whole lot of room for that possibility.

Speaking of possibilities, Justin Theroux is going to be back next week as Justin, so we get to see how that first date went. By the way, great casting call on that one. I can totally understand why Leslie and Anne are into him; I got all swoony just sitting at home and watching him on screen.

I'm glad they found a reason for April to stick around, instead of just going the lazy sitcom route of keeping her as an intern indefinitely. The storyline with Andy is great, and I love the way they're taking it very slowly. It's not some overwrought, unrequited love; it's a very relatable story about a girl who likes a guy, but doesn't want to come out and say it.

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