Review: Community - Investigative Journalism Episode 13

I'd like to give thanks to the Executive Producer Associate Supervisor Supervising Executive for being the man, or woman, behind the new semester at Community. When the gang returned from the break they discovered a new member in their group -- he snuck in during the group hug.

Jack Black basically plays one type of character, and that's who we got this week. There were some genuinely funny moments, but this definitely wasn't one of the stronger episodes of the series to date. With the community college setting, it's pretty easy to slip in a guest star here or there and even, as in this case, pretend they've been there the whole time. I just don't think it's necessary right now for Community.

The reason the show is working so well right now is these characters we've come to know over the past twelve episodes. The storyline with Jeff taking over as the head of the school paper is where I found myself enjoying things. The rush of power, along with Abed's constant M*A*S*H references, kept it fun and light. Plus, there's actually potential for comedy in the new semester with Jeff running the paper.

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