Recap The Wire: Season 5, Episode 4 - Transitions


Jimmy McNulty and Lester Freamon collaborate on raising the profile of their fake serial killer. They conduct actual canvassing among the homeless as a cover. Freamon sensationalizes the idea by adding a sexual motive and supplies a set of dentures to create bite marks. Freamon also recruits his old patrol partner to look out for bodies. They soon have their next fake victim and McNulty mocks up the crime scene and mutilates the body to imply another murder. McNulty's binge drinking and infidelity are noticed by his domestic partner Beadie Russell. Kima Greggs finds the child survivor in her case too withdrawn to help and decides to spend more time with her ex-partner Cheryl's son Elijah.

Western district

Officer Anthony Colicchio attacks a motorist who irritates him while he tries to arrest Michael Lee's drug dealing crew. The motorist turns out to be an elementary school teacher who then files a police brutality complaint against Colicchio. Sergeant Ellis Carver offers to help Colicchio through the subsequent internal investigation but Colicchio remains unrepentant. Carver decides Colicchio's behavior cannot continue unchecked and charges Colicchio himself. Thomas "Herc" Hauk later appeals to Carver for leniency but Carver explains his new philosophy that their actions as police are always important. Herc expresses regret over his own misdeeds leading to his dismissal.


Michael is signed out of holding by his mother but refuses to give her money.

Major crimes

Leander Sydnor uncovers new evidence in the Clay Davis investigation. Rupert Bond decides not to file the new charge as it would mean allowing a federal prosecution and would cost him the opportunity to raise his political profile. Bond has Rhonda Pearlman hold a grand jury deposition for Davis. Bond stages a photo opportunity as Davis leaves the court house to mark Davis as his target.

Baltimore Sun

Scott Templeton unsuccessfully interviews for a position with The Washington Post. Upon his return the staff at The Baltimore Sun rush to catch up on the Davis story after being left out of the loop.


Mayor Tommy Carcetti must grant favors to Nerese Campbell and the politically influential ministers to smooth the transitions in the police department. Cedric Daniels remains concerned that Ervin Burrell will expose his history of unexplained income and destroy his chances of becoming commissioner. Daniels appeals to Burrell but receives the silent treatment. Burrell gives the file on Daniels' past to Campbell. Campbell convinces Burrell to leave the department quietly with the promise of a well-paid replacement position.

New Day Co-Op

Marlo Stanfield convinces The Greeks to consider him as an insurance policy for handling their supply of narcotics into Baltimore. Stanfield's rival "Proposition Joe" Stewart fears reprisal from Omar Little following the death of Butchie and decides to leave town. Stanfield asks Proposition Joe to teach him more about money laundering and is introduced to attorney Maurice Levy. Omar returns to Baltimore and quickly ascertains that Stanfield was behind Butchie's death.

Stanfield observes Hungry Man and Cheese arguing over territory at a New Day Co-Op meeting. Stanfield continues to court Cheese's loyalty and has Chris Partlow capture Hungry Man and deliver him for Cheese to murder. Cheese reciprocates by revealing Proposition Joe's location. Stanfield and Partlow surprise Proposition Joe as he prepares to leave town. Stanfield watches while Partlow kills Proposition Joe.


Omar returns to Baltimore to avenge Butchie's murder and Donnie offers to help. Initially suspecting Proposition Joe, Omar confronts Slim Charles in an apartment complex but Slim is able to persuade Omar that Prop Joe had no involvement in Butchie's death. Slim Charles suggests Marlo was behind the murder. Later, Omar and Donnie visit Marlo's court in hiding and decide to go after Monk Metcalf.

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