Review: Grey's Anatomy - Blink Season 6, Episode 11

I'll be the first person to admit that I loved Addison on Grey's Anatomy, but I hate Private Practice. Whenever crossovers happen, I never watch the Private Practice half and yet the storyline isn't lost by me. It's one of those ABC ploys for me to watch another show, and I'm not having it. The episode did make me miss Addison. She melded perfectly into Seattle Grace with her interactions with Callie, Bailey, Mark, and Derek as if she wasn't a guest character.

Overall, the episode continued its strong, character-driven direction this season and felt like a return to the core characters with Bailey's frankness, Cristina's determination, and Meredith's stereotypical facial expression she gives.

One season ago, Mark was a womanizer and now he's a mature grandfather-to-be? I still can't understand how Mark's character took a quick turn over the holiday season, defending a girl he never knew over the woman that he fell in love with. I get that he's a concerned father, but the fact that he was hovering over Addison in the surgery was out of line for anyone. Addison was right: he should have been in the viewing room and trusted Addison, whom he personally called.

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