NBC's 'Community' Handles Jack Black And Other Guest Stars Well - Starpulse

During all the NBC internet chatter this week, I couldn't wait for new episodes of scripted comedy. The Thursday lineup was loaded with guest stars, none bigger than Jack Black's appearance on Community, which says one if not two things: the show is underperforming ratings-wise, and A-list actors want to be a part of a comedy they enjoy watching.

The question is not how the Kung Fu Panda would interact with the tight ensemble cast, but how the show's producers would buck the tired traditional sitcom celebrity guest tropes.

Viewers tune into Community because it takes familiar sitcom cliches and turns them into meta-commentaries on the genre. The show even has a character, Abed, whose main purpose is to point out and criticize the effectiveness of these pop culture references.

The episode begins with everyone catching up, as they haven't seen each other since winter break, an effective tool for bringing those who may be watching for the first time up to speed.

Abed and Troy spent break playing a video game that is so realistic you can do your taxes ("but don't get audited") or attend community college.

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