'Burn Notice' - 'Neighborhood Watch' Recap Season 4, Episode 5

The latest wrinkle in 'Burn Notice' has been Kendra the assassin, who killed Jesse's contact. She's a smart cookie and dangerous, but just how she fits in to the overall season story has yet to be revealed. That said, there's been no talk of who burned Jesse or what Vaughn wants from Michael for a couple of weeks. Is this a calm before the storm or are they just dragging it out for the length of the season? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Kendra is quite a character. So far I like her more than Carla or Detective Paxson among the women who've been out to get Michael. Kendra is talented. She outwitted Sam and Michael and escaped a perfectly nice trap that they had set for her.

Operation 'Boring Tape Drive,' as Sam dubbed it, involved a 1980s tape drive that nobody could decrypt because the technology was so antiquated. Considering he's such an old warrior, it was surprising that Sam didn't have an ancient tape drive in a garage or storage unit somewhere. They needed a hoarder to find the right machine to play the tape.

The case was set in a clinic where drug dealers were selling heroin on the street. David was the reluctant client; he believed in calling the cops. He was a tough guy to convince, but Michael was committed to helping him. In for a dime, in for a dollar, that's the Westen style.

Sugar, Michael's drug dealer neighbor from season 1, was back providing Sam with some intel and Michael with some contacts. The idea of using the greed of the pusher to get him to screw up his operation was smart. Only the clients objected to Michael sticking his neck out for them.

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