'NCIS' Big Boss: Finale Will Not Be Tiva-centric

It's still a good three months or so before the NCIS season 7 finale, but already fans like to know what's in store for their favorite show when things come to a close in May. And for good reason, since last year's season finale packed a mean punch, the repercussions of which we can still feel up to the present. This, of course, is just a testament to NCIS' formula-defying season finales.

In any case, NCIS Executive Producer Shane Brennan tells Entertainment Weekly that we can at least rule out one thing from the upcoming season finale: no Tiva-centricity.

Last season's finale saw Ziva captured by terrorists and brought to Somalia following her homecoming to Israel (this, after her house was blown to bits, rough day) and Gibbs leaving her there. This lead to a great kind of rescue, but not before truth serum and really scary moments, with Gibbs just waiting in the wing to take a sniper shot at Saleem.

Brennan adds to TV Guide that, like all season finales in the past, elements of this upcoming one have already been included in past episodes this season.

"I'm a great believer in planning it out and knowing where we're going to land," he adds. "The audience has already seen some of the elements -- we've already started the finale in a way. You won't see it in every episode, but we'll tease it out. It'll be surprising, and this year it's going to be controversial."

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