Want to Save Moonlight? Donate Blood!

I have to say that these Save-a-Show campaigns are getting increasingly creative and...beneficent.

The latest such entry into the mix is the campaign launched to save Moonlight. The show, which returns to TV on April 25th with its final 4 new episodes for this season, has partnered with the Red Cross to get the show's supporters to donate their blood (and convince CBS to give the show a second season).

If you don't watch the show or know anything about it, Moonlight focuses on a vampire that works as a private investigator (basically, it's a less inventive Angel). Thus, the campaign is thematically relevant to say the least. There are already a reported 4000 people that have pledged to donate their blood. Furthermore, it is rumored that the show's star, Alex O'Loughlin, is very close to signing on as a spokesman for the Red Cross.

While I'm assuming that Jericho's peanuts, Journeyman's Rice-a-Roni and Friday Night Lights' footballs all went to various charities (we won't speak about Cavemen's hair), you can't disagree that this is the best idea yet (there are never enough people donating blood)! Furthermore, it might just help to save someone's favorite show...

Learn more about the campaign at YouChoose.net.

Source: TVGuide

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Default avatar cat
Apr 13, 2008 9:24AM EDT

i've been waiting for many weeks for the show to return was very pleased to hear the return date finally announced on the air....thank goodness i had taped most of the episodes so i was able to watch them again since no reruns have been shown....please renew this show for next year...i really believe i enjoyed it from the 1st 10 minutes of watching it...

Default avatar cat
Apr 26, 2008 2:32PM EDT

omg i love the episode Fated To Pretend. That one would prolly have to be the best one yet when he shares his feelings about Beth with Josef and gives up being a human to be turned into a vamp again to save Beth and had Josef turn him.

Default avatar cat
Apr 27, 2008 9:07PM EDT

I read the above regarding Moonlight. First Moonlight has a great cast and is way more inventive than Angel. Angel was about vampires fighting demons, and magical creatures. Angel wasn't good because he chose to but because his soul was returned to him. Angel was way more like the Charmed Ones than Moonlight. Yeah Moonlight has a vampire detective but it is way more than that. It has a great love story, awesome action which occurs more often than in Angel, the relationships are very 3 dimensional in Moonlight. There are many cop shows but people dont say oh a new cop show its like barney miller or NYPD Blue. Moonlight is an awesome show give it a try from episode 1 to 13. You'll see why people become addicted.

Default avatar cat
Apr 28, 2008 12:46PM EDT

It only took one episode to sell me completely....one. No other tv show has done that. Maybe it is Mick, but the entire show is so worth watching and just keeps you yearning for more. PLEASE.... don't take it away. Read "Twilight".... this is good. Not the run of the mill cop show, not the run of the mill hospital show. Just great. It just must stay... please.

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