Recap: More of Top 12 Revealed

Three more stools have been added on stage for the next performers who will move on to the Top 12 on American Idol. After some disastrous song choices and shaky performances, who did America vote through to the next round?

So, have we all recovered from the embarrassment and horror of last night? Horror sounds a bit dramatic, but I cannot get over how awful the song choices were. I think my dog hid in her crate during a few numbers. And the phrase "jump the shark" was uttered more than once in our office when discussing the performance of one Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle.

It's interesting to me that there were much better women than men this week. It's seems that that extra spot will most likely go to a woman, unlike last week. There are at least three girls who deserve to make it to the next round: Allison really impressed me with her huge, controlled vocals, Megan and Jesse are both different and funky and I loved the tone of Mishavonna's voice. Of course, Jasmine is great and commercial, but she really blew it with her version of "Love Song."

Before we begin with the eliminations, Ryan shows us a little montage of the group's journey to this point of the competition. Then, we get a much better group performance than last week, with the Idols singing Ne-Yo's "Closer." This group actually sounds fantastic together... kind of a bummer to see them get split up tonight.

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