Lone Star Episode Recap: "Pilot"

"You're a con man son; and you're better at it than anybody I have ever met." This line is uttered from father to son in an effort, I think, to help suspend the disbelief that one man can successfully and happily maintain two lives with two women in two different cities. In the season premiere of Fox's new Texas drama, we'll meet both beautiful ladies (Houston-based Cat and Midland-based Lindsay), see the mess our con man, Robert/Bob, has created for himself and oddly, not want to smack him with a cattle prod by the end of the hour.

Couple of things first: 1) I hail from Houston, born and bred, so I'm biased and want this show to succeed. 2) I've recently, albeit belatedly, jumped on the Friday Night Lights bandwagon (good God, is that show amazing!!), so I love Cat (Adrianne Palicki, whose Cat is from a different side of the tracks than her FNL character) and have an immediate soft spot for Robert (relative newcomer James Wolk) because he looks like what I imagine the younger brother of FNL's Coach Taylor would look (j'adore me some Coach T).

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