The Biggest Loser Episode Recap: Week 1

Welcome back to The Biggest Loser. While last cycle was all about couples, this time, the theme is "second chances." And like Bob and Jillian told us within the first few minutes of the premiere, "These people are not like you...they are you!" So let our Biggest Loser journey begin.

After we meet the new contestants, including returning competitor Daniel from Biggest Loser: Couples, it's already time for a challenge. The players are dropped off at the beach where host Alison Sweeney awaits them to announce that they'll be completing a one-mile race. The prize at stake is immunity and the opportunity to choose a partner for the season.

The race begins with contestant Tracy out to an early lead, and former heaviest Biggest Loser competitor, Daniel, closely behind her. There are a bunch of walkers struggling, and Dan soon surpasses Tracy to finish first. All of a sudden Tracy is weak and begins to crawl because her legs have turned to jell-o. Everyone rallies around her and helps her to cross the finish line. She basically collapses as she finishes the mile and is taken in a helicopter to the hospital. It's a big wake-up call for all the other players who know it could've easily happened to them.

In order to choose teammates, the sixteen contestants take an hour to tell their stories. Everyone has their own emotional reasons for coming to the ranch, but none more so than Abbey. Tears flow as she talks about losing her husband and two children (including her two-week old girl) in a horrific car accident. She believes she's now here for something way bigger, and now she has her second chance to make a difference.

After the teams are chosen, they head to their initial weigh-in and the trainers are brought over. (Bob is sporting a beard-mustache combo, I might add.) Shay is officially the largest Loser contestant in history, weighing in at 476 pounds, and all Bob can say is, "Oh my God." But I love that Shay can still muster, "Well I can think of 476 reasons why I'm up here." And how perfect is it that the person who preceded her record (Daniel) is her partner?

During the first workout, Bob and Jillian announce that they'll be training together this season. I'll have to see how that plays out before I decide if I like the idea. And I also wonder how many times Jillian was bleeped out during that workout. Has she gotten meaner?

After a trip to Dr. H, it's time for the last-chance workout where Jillian tells Julio, "Last chance workout, bitch!" It doesn't get any better than that. They puke, they sweat and man, did it look tough.

Here's how the first official weigh-in goes:

* Daniel and Shay, Orange, lose 12 and 17 pounds for a total of 3.68 percent. (Note - they have immunity)

* Amanda and Rebecca, Pink, lose 6 and 18 pounds for a total of 4.54 percent.

* Rudy and Dina, Blue, lose 28 and 8 pounds for a total of 5.18 percent.

* Antoine and Sean, Red, lose 18 and 22 pounds for a total of 4.93 percent.

* Liz and Danny, Brown, lose 10 and 24 pounds for a total of 4.88 percent.

* Allen and Abby, Green, lose 19 and 15 pounds for a total of 5.94 percent.

* Alexandra and Julio, Black, lose 13 and 13 pounds for a total of 3.63 percent.

* Mo, Purple, lose 19 pounds for a total of 5.35 percent.

The elimination comes down to Team Black's Alexandra and Julio. Julio pleads to stay so that he can be the man he wants to be for his family and children. It's a close vote, but in the end, Alexandra is chosen as the first to go home. She says she had an amazing week and wishes everyone good luck on their journey as she continues hers. Although she was only there for the week, Alexandra learned that you can push yourself above and beyond. "Success is the determination that you have in your heart," she says, and I think she'll be able to successfully continue her weight-loss journey at home.

What did you think of the premiere?

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