The Event Episode Recap: "I Haven't Told You Everything" Episode 1

What is the event of The Event? That's the question posed by this intriguing NBC pilot, and obviously no easy answer is forthcoming. What's clear is that, much like Lost and 24 and the serialized dramas that came before it, The Event will be about the journey and not the destination. The show heads out to each commercial break with a head-scratching cliffhanger. It's an intricate, scrambled narrative with lots of "eleven days earlier"-type title cards, but for the purpose of this recap, I'm going to (try to) keep things relatively simple and sequential. Let's dive in, shall we?

Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) and girlfriend (and intended fiancée) Leila Buchanan (Sarah Roemer) go on a cruise. They meet a happy-go-lucky couple with whom they go cliff-diving and get drunk; the next day, Leila sleeps off a hangover while Sean goes diving. When Sean returns to their cabin on the ship, his key card doesn't work, Leila is gone and the cruise line has no record of the couple ever having boarded.

Meanwhile, back at Leila's house, a crew of mercenaries kidnaps Leila's younger sister and kills her mother.

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