Most Memorable 'Gossip Girl' Kisses - Featured

Less than two weeks to go before the first Gossip Girl episode in more than a month.

But until we see where their libidos lead them next, feast your eyes on our favorite make-out moments from Gossip Girl past...

As we have plenty of time to go before Gossip Girl resumes inducing its trademark OMFG moments, let's look back at the most memorable kisses of this series.

Honorable Mentions: Dan and Serena's first kiss, Blair and Nate's kiss in the first episode, and Nate and Jenna's kiss at the masquerade ball.

5. Serena and Nate at the wedding (Episode 1.1 "Pilot")

Right off the bat, Gossip Girl made it clear that the show is not for the faint of heart. We knew that returning Serena (Blake Lively) had some baggage. Little did we know that it was a big sack of hotness. In a flashback, we saw Serena dancing on top of a bar holding a bottle of wine, while Nate (Chace Crawford) sat on a stool. Pretty soon, the two were face to face and the rest, at least to those who preferred it that way, was history.

4. Dan and Georgina after the concert (Episode 1.17 "Woman on the Verge")

After her real identity was discovered by Vanessa through Nate during Rufus's concert, Georgina fooled Dan into believing that she was being stalked by her ex, prompting her to change her name. Dan, who was having troubles with Serena at the time, fell right into Georgina's trap. Driven by the heat of the moment or just sheer loneliness, Dan kissed Georgina in a staircase somewhere in Brooklyn.

3. Dan and Miss Carr at her apartment (Episode 2.17 "Carrnal Knowledge")

The setting: Miss Car (guest star Laura Breckenridge) is upset for being fired for allegedly having an affair with a student. Dan (Penn Badgley) is distraught for disappointing his dad and maybe Serena. The two would often furtively flirt over literary references and academic papers, while Serena looked helplessly. Dan comes over to apologize to Miss Carr. At the doorstep, the logical academic that she is, Miss Car realizes that she is no longer a teacher and is therefore no longer covered by ethical dilemmas. She pounces on Dan, who's more than willing to oblige. The restraint the two had and the circumstance surrounding the kiss made the kiss hot.

2. Eric and Asher (Episode 1.16 "All About My Brother")

Who better than your own brother to break the news to you that your boyfriend is gay? That was the case when Dan saw Asher (guest star Jesse Swenson), his sister Jenny's (Taylor Momsen) boyfriend, kissing a guy. At this point, Eric's identity had not yet been revealed, but the dark and secretive lust of this smooch makes this scene a hot and memorable one.

And our #1 Gossip Girl Make-Out goes to...

1. Blair and Chuck in the limo (Episode 1.7 "Victor/Victrola")

The two secret ingredients for a sizzling kiss are a broken heart and a repressed desire -- which are exactly what paved the way for Blair and Chuck to enact Gossip Girl's hottest lip action. After a big fight with Nate, Blair took the stage in Chuck's newly opened burlesque club for a striptease number, which of course stimulated Bass's libido (and produced one of his most adorable smiles ever). All it took was alone time at the backseat of a limo for these two to lock lips. And as we all know... it did not stop there.



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Mar 8, 2009 6:38PM EDT

ahh blair and chuck in the limo!!! deffinately #1!! good choice :) i cant wait for more steamy C/B moments :D

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