I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here: Angela Shelton Says Being Eliminated "Wasn't that Bad"

There's usually tears and screaming from contestants who have been evicted in reality shows, but I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! has proven that it's hardly the usual fare. Comedian Angela Shelton of the duo Frangela was the most recent contestant to be leave the show. Even though she didn't make it far into the competition, she still managed to keep up her mood.

It must have been relieving to be far from the Costa Rican jungle and all those bugs - one of which was a recurring pest named Speidi, but Angela Shelton isn't holding grudges. "[T]hat wasn't that bad, being eliminated," she told The Deadbolt. "You know, outside of not being able to bring home what I wanted to for my charity, Covenant House, I'm very grateful to America in a lot of ways."

While there were numerous obstacles that hindered the celebrities from winning, a specific complaint from most of them was about the insects. In a way though, the contestants got their revenge - by eating their pesky little enemies.

"I'm going to tell you: at first you don't like it and you want them away from you," Shelton said about the bugs. "And then you're just like, "Maybe that's a little protein. Maybe it'll help me get through this hungry night without these rice and beans." You get over it quick."

The 39-year-old star went on about the unappetizing treats they were served. "Everything we had, besides the rice and beans, the stuff that's for the trials and stuff, it's all disgusting. I mean, disgusting, and it's something you can't get rid of, the taste. It took me two days to get the milkshake cow intestine taste out of my mouth."

Shelton also had comments on the remaining challengers of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. Below are some of her remarks, from the fan favorite Sanjaya to the fickle Speidi.

On Daniel Baldwin's surprise arrival: "It was so shocking and such a breath of fresh air. He is hysterical and such a hard worker."

On Sanjaya: "I think Sanjaya will be in the top whatever, 2 or 3, or whatever it is. He's one with the jungle. I mean, one, with it. He's covered in mud, he doesn't care about any of that - I'm going to tell you Sanjaya's weakness: his problem is he's getting bored."

On John Salley's outburst: "He is all about peace and it takes a lot to get somebody like that that hot and that mad and sort of out of control for a moment. And I tell you, he has regretted it and he is pained about it, and every single moment of that remorse is absolutely sincere."

On Spencer and Heidi: "I don't know if they got out and were like, "We got to go back." I know that they begged to come back. Maybe it's true. Maybe they've had a conversion and they really feel like they should go back and do better and act right. One can only hope."

Catch a new episode of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here on NBC.

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