Adrien Grenier Struggles to Green-ify 'Entourage'

With the star of the show being an active environmentalist in real life, it's no surprise that Adrian Grenier is hoping to bring the lifestyle to his roles. The Entourage actor has reportedly been trying his best to convince his coworkers to share his passion on set. The only problem is, things are more difficult than he expected.

"It's a constant struggle, it's about habits," Grenier said on an interview with FOX News. "We are habitual creatures and people don't always want to change. They only want to do what they know."

The 32-year-old actor was recently seen at the Salvatore Ferragamo soiree in Beverly Hills, attending GlobalGiving's Italy Earthquake Recovery and Relief Fund. As he continued to support the cause, he went on about how he's planning to go eco-friendly on the HBO's Entourage.

"At one point, we wanted to use all bio-diesel generators on-set, but it's just not viable as the technology isn't up to par," Grenier explained. "So what we did was just replace one generator. It's a slow process of transformation."

Even though he's having problems with living his eco-dreams on Entourage, he can't help but commit to it in his personal life. Having heard about President Barack Obama's efforts towards preserving the environment, Adrien Grenier went on to comment.

"The fact that the Obama's put a garden at the White House is not only a symbolic gesture, but it's also a very tangibly successful one," he said. This led him to take action in improving his own home.

"I just put in a garden myself, I was inspired," Grenier admitted. "I'm growing zucchini, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries and corn."

Whether or not we'll hear about Vincent Chase going green is another matter. But with Grenier determined to transform the set of Entourage to support his eco-beliefs, it will only be a matter of time. Catch the sixth season of the hit HBO series as it premieres on July 12.

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