Recap CSI: Miami : Season 8, Episode 10 - Count Me Out

A car chase ends with a dead census taker found in the trunk. The driver, Kevin Hensley, is captured but the male passenger escapes. Kevin insists he was forced at gun point to take the body and drive. Tracking the neighborhood where the census taker was last scene, Ryan and Natalie look into an foreclosed house that has the same insulants that were found on the body. Once inside, they discover a meth lab and barely make it out alive when Natalie trips the pipe bomb causing an explosion. Horatio discovers the owner of the house is registered to Kevin Hensley's father. Kevin finally reveals that the passenger in his car was really a drug dealer paying him to cook meth but still insists he had nothing to do with killing the census worker. The dead body is found to have died from injesting a poison and Kevin admits that the worker came to the house when both he and the dealer, Tek were there. Tek hit the guy with a pipe and tied him up with a scarf containing rat poison pellets. Calleigh finds the scarf belongs to an illegal immigrant maid bening held in the house next door. The maid, Marie and Kevin were in love and Kevin was cooking meth to make enough money for the two of them to get away. She left the scarf in the house when she snuck away at one point to see Kevin. Horatio links the fingerprints found on the scarf to Tek and arrests him for the murder of the census worker. Kevin is arrested for the drug dealing and Calliegh helps Marie gain her freedom from the house she worked in. Natalie is feeling bad effects from the bomb blast but she refuses to go to the hospital or tell anyone about her condition. ­

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