Recap Charmed: Season 6, Episode 3 - Forget Me... Not

The Cleaners, a couple of mystical fixers, have come to take Wyatt. They're a neutral force that cleans up after normal folks have been exposed to magic, protecting both good and evil from exposure. They snatch the baby and erase the sisters' memories of him - along with all their memories of the day the Cleaners grabbed him. Wyatt has caused a bit of a stir by using his powers - he conjured a dragon off the TV screen and onto the streets of San Francisco.

Phoebe is still trying to deal with her new powers of empathy. She's not so great at it, as exhibited by the riot she caused at the office while channeling the emotions of a disgruntled employee. She has no memory of the fight. Paige is temping at a law firm. One of her colleagues is fired when she refuses to date their scumbag boss. Paige was supposed to be there to back her up, but oops! The Cleaners erased that memory, too.

Piper can't help feeling like she's forgetting somethingâ€Â¦. What could it be? ElderLeo assigns a new charge to FutureChris. Chris resists, but he warms up to the idea when he realizes she's a hottie. Leo catches Chris and his new charge in a compromising position.

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