Caprica 1.05 "There Is Another Sky" Recap

The latest episode of Caprica was a mixed bag in the sense that it started out being somewhat of a filler episode, but quickly evolved into either a 'game-changer' or just another huge piece to the ever growing puzzle that is becoming the Caprica universe. Either way, I am so ready and strapped for the rest of the ride.

Do NOT Frak With Daniel Graystone√Ę€¬¶

After announcing to the worlds that Graystone Industries will not be gaining profit from their Holobands, Daniel faces opposition from the board of directors of his company. I stress "his" company. The group of assholes want to vote Daniel from being the CEO of his own company and he gets a heads up on the shenanigans from Cyrus. When asked if he has the votes to maintain his position, Cyrus simply looks worried and walks off.

Daniel, feeling like his world is slipping through his fingers no matter what he does or say, gets a motivational boost from Amanda who reminds Daniel that he is one of the most oratorically, astutely business men that she has ever known who doesn't let small things cloud his overall vision and beliefs. In short, she pretty much says that Daniel is basically Bill Gates, but the next scene suggests that maybe he is a hybrid of Gates and Steve Jobs.

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Mar 3, 2010 3:19PM EST

I read the full piece - good review. You raise some good points. Bearing in mind though, that this is young Adama of BSG that we're looking at, there must have been an enormous change in the social mores of the times for him to have become commander of BSG - and he didn't have tribal tat's.There was also a marked absence of tattooed Taurans on BSG and in the rest of the fleet - or am I just being picky?

Default avatar cat

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Mar 5, 2010 1:13AM EST

Who knows maybe Taurans stopped tattooing sometime in the next 50 years (probably not),or the Taurans we saw were just regular people (maybe), or it could be partly that we never really were introduced to what many of the BSG characters backgrounds were (very true), or it was a slight oversight by the writers who just made up to tattoos now to exp (most probable answer)
I agree with the review best episode yet BY FAR! The show is really starting to get into gear. Im interested in how Tamara and Zoe and going to interact.
Now im going to try and take off my holoband ;)

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