Recap Medium: Season 6, Episode 11 - An Everlasting Love

Allison dreams about the serial killer, The Penny Jar Killer's, next victim, Gretchen Morgan, and his previous victim, Naomi Clarke, he hangs in Gretchen's house. When she and Scanlon go to her house, they find her alive and well. But when they find her dog dead, just like in Allison's dream, the cops come to help and process the scene. Allison waits outside and sees a man, Jeremy Keirnan, who has many of the same tools she saw in her dream that were used to kill and tie up the Penny Jar Killer's vicitm. She points Scanlon in his direction and a chase ensues ending with the guy getting hit by a car and dying. As a ghost, he insists to Allison that he's not the Penny Jar Killer and the only reason he was running was that he had a joint in his pocket. When the body of the Naomi Clarkedoes turn up like in her dream, Allison and Scanlon believe she was wrong about Jeremy being The Penny Jar Killer.

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