Recap Charmed: Season 6, Episode 4 - The Power of Three Blondes

The Stillman sisters, a trio of bottle-blonde grifter witches with even worse wardrobe choices than Phoebe on a bad day, want the Charmed Ones' powers. They try to trick The Book of Shadows into giving up its secrets by donning clever disguises, but the Book is not fooled - it skitters away from them. Looks like they'll need a full-on identity switch. Phoebe is still trying to get that whole empathy thing under control. She's especially worried because Jason the boyfriend/boss is in town, and the last time his feelings prompted a seriously physical encounter.

Paige is still trying to find life outside magic through temping. Her current job is at a fruit-packing plant where things aren't as non-magical as she would hope - the line is plagued by gremlins. Piper is trying to do the mommy thing and the club-owner thing. She's suffering from separation anxiety from Wyatt, and trying to decide how involved she wants Leo to be. Leo is bent on figuring out how he got blasted off course to Valhalla. Chris is getting more than a little jumpy about it. The blondes are holed up in a house across the street from Halliwell manor. They kill a vacuum cleaner salesman just because he's annoying. The blondes cast a spell to make the world think they are the Charmed Ones. As a side effect, the Halliwell sisters lose their identities entirely. The blondes then set about wreaking havoc in the Halliwells' lives.

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