The Office Season 6, Episode 23 Recap: "Body Language"

Love is in the air at the office, and Michael will finally learn of his fate with the bartender he met a few episodes back. Will he finally score, or as Tila Tequila (now Miss Tequila) would say, "his shot at love will end." Get it? A "shot" at love, because she is a bartender, and pours shots?

The episode opens with Michael (aka Miguel) speaking Spanish with Erin. He reveals that since Mexico is North America's "neighbor to the South," everyone should learn the language. We later find out, as he is going around the office attempting to speak with other employees, that he is going on a trip to Cancun. In order to help the boss, Oscar tries to get Michael to learn how to gender-specify words, but instead, he ends up drawing penis and breast pictures on sticky notes, and taping them to objects. The worst part, Michael can't even say "that's what she said" correctly.

Jim and Pam are doing their first joint-pitch to a client, and Dwight is unhappy to say the least. As he puts it, "Why would you want two people to be the face of a company when they have never cut the face off of anything before?" Donna, the waitress that Michael fell in love with a few episodes back, is the client that the couple will have to win over. After she awkwardly voices her thought that Jim and Pam may be ancestrally related, the pitch begins.

The new HR rep is back, and trying to convince Darryl to join Sabre's new Executive Minority Training Program, and of course, Dwight wants in. He is rejected even though he is part of the "glasses-wearing" sect of society. Eventually, Dwight tries to convince Kelly to join, saying she can be "the next Indian Bill Gates," however, she just wants to be "the next Indian Julia Roberts," and because of that dream, she's in. Back in the pitch meeting, in order to get Donna's attention, Michael flashes pictures of attraction things on the screen in order for her to make a correlation of pleasure with Michael. It seems to work, and she becomes very turned on after the word "sex" flashes on the screen.

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