Recap Charmed: Season 6, Episode 5 - Love's A Witch

The Montanas and the Callaways are two magical families that have been feuding for longer than anyone can remember. The uneasy truce between the families is apparently broken on Paige's first day of her new temp job as a home assistant for Grandma Callaway. Grandma Callaway avoids injury, but Paige is hit. Paige is feeling beset by magic, and is seriously peeved that her sisters don't trust her enough to let her fight her own battles.

Piper is trying to build a life after Leo, which includes dating. She's terrified.

Phoebe is still trying to control her empathy. She's doing a lousy job of it - and an even worse job of keeping her mouth shut when it comes to her sisters' feelings.

Chris travels to the underworld to get a mysterious potion that helps conceal secrets. The ever-suspicious Leo follows him.

Paige gets seriously snippy when Phoebe starts emoting about Paige's feelings about the feud. Paige wants to handle this by herself, with no help from her sisters. Paige tries to get back into the Callaway house, but she's interrupted by Richard Montana, who warns her not to get involved. Richard has been spared most of the attacks since he's not practicing magic. What's more, he was engaged to Olivia Callaway, who died tragically last year. Olivia may be dead, but that doesn't mean she's gone - her ghost is still around, and is pretty pissed about the whole affair. Olivia's ghost launches an attack at Papa Montana, making it look like it came from the Callaway house.

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