Recap Charmed: Season 6, Episode 6 - My Three Witches

The demon Gith feeds off desires by creating a vortex that draws his victims into a fantasy world that ultimately kills them. When he tries to take out Piper, she sends Chris out to gather her sisters. But Phoebe is subbing for a TV host and can't be disturbed. Paige is at her latest temp job - this time, she's locked in a box as a magician's assistant in a retirement community. Piper manages to fend off the demon without her sisters' help, and no one seems terribly concerned.

Leo has evidence that Chris killed a Valkyrie. He's ready to take Chris down - he calls a meeting of the Elders to strip Chris of his wings. Chris is annoyed that the sisters are taking the attack so lightly. He decides to use Gith to teach them a lesson. He orbs down to Gith's lair and offers him the sisters' desires. While there, he steals a rag with the demons blood - all the better to vanquish him. Piper wants a world without magic - she even refuses to let Leo heal Wyatt's cold or the cut she got on her hand while working in the kitchen. She wants a totally normal life with normal friends and a normal baby. She gets it - but her "normal" friends show up with a bunch of male-model types for a "fashion show" that turns into a strip show. What's worse, she discovers that Wyatt's case of the sniffles has turned into a full-fledged fever. With no magic, Leo isn't around for healing. While rushing Wyatt to the hospital, she gets in a car accident. Paige, on the other hand, wants magic to be out in the open. Desire granted: When the elderly magician has a heart attack on stage, the residents beg her to orb him to the hospital. She does, and gets surrounded by civilians begging for help.

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