Batman: The Brave and the Bold: "The Golden Age of Justice!" Review Season 2, Episode 5

"The Golden Age of Justice" begins with one of the series' best and funniest opening sequences yet, and then segues into a main story that's every bit as enjoyable as its prologue - albeit for very different reasons. For a series that's shown a propensity to deliver opening segments that outweigh their feature storylines in entertainment value, or vice versa, the episode's consistency is another promising sign that this second year might be well on its way to improving upon the mostly fantastic debut season. That it also manages to mix the show's typical brand of humor with more adult themes like death is another strong indication that Batman: The Brave and the Bold is constantly learning new tricks.

The episode's opening features Batman and the awesomely silly Detective Chimp team-up to solve an Agatha Christie like mystery, with the DCU's greatest simian sleuth using his unique skills to sniff out the true culprit in the case of The Stolen Golden Skull (whatever that is). Fans of the character will get a kick out of seeing the Detective brought to life on the screen for the first time, but those unfamiliar with the hero might even enjoy his appearance more - the sequence is punctuated brilliantly by the reveal that this monkey can in fact talk, even if he does love bananas just as much as the rest of his species.

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