So You Think You Can Dance: "Ouch!" Go the Dancers After Last Week's Group Routine

I think I have enough reason to be scared for most of So You Think You Can Dance's final four. As it turns out, Tyce Diorio's group performance from last week's result show led to three of this season's finalists to come off with injuries, literally.

You might want to blame that big box in the middle of the stage for that. Evan's complaining of pain in some parts of his body. "There is a part where I hang off the box from my knee and the edges were a little sharp," he said. "So the back of my left knee and the crease of my right elbow are really hurting."

Same goes for Kayla, who had to deal with the box and ended up with a battered body part. "My inner thigh looks like somebody beat me up," she said. "It's all black and blue."

But perhaps the worst injury came to Jeanine, who had what might be considered a pretty serious injury: a six-inch gash on her right shin. "The piece had a box and I'm supposed to walk the rim of the box," she said. "[During rehearsals] they wanted to see if I could run it. But it's only an inch and a half wide. I tried running it and I fell and cut my shin open. I have a bit of a scar but I'm okay."

Doesn't look like they've got injuries, if you watch that bit again.

Well, perhaps because they can't let all those little injuries get in the way, now that they're in this week's finale. "It wasn't hard to act exhausted and sad during that clown piece," Jeanine said. "The dancers from last season ... keep coming up to us and saying, 'How are you feeling? You're gonna make it.' And then they say, 'You're in better shape than we were!'"

Kayla also thinks the same thing. "If you start letting things get to you, it's gonna knock you down," she said. "And we're four dancers out of so many who would kill to be in our shoes."

Let's just hope next week's dances won't aggravate anything. It'd be the worst time.

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