The Pacific Episode 7: "Part Seven" Review

Part Seven begins with more death and destruction on Peleliu, setting the tone for another grim, dark story that chronicles the worst of the worst aspects of war. But this time the series manages to mix story and thematic elements into the carnage.

One of the sadder moments in the story is when Sledge accidentally shoots one of his own men, reminding us of the perils of friendly fire. Then we're quickly shifted to scenes of the marines rooting out a deeply entrenched Japanese squad where the fighting gets really up close and personal. The battle for Peleliu is almost over, but it has certainly taken its toll on the marines. When Sgt. "Gunny" Haney, the hardest veteran soldier in the group, mentally cracks in battle, it signals a low point in the morale. But then the scene is almost immediately juxtaposed with an odd bit of humor as a marine is attacked by two Japanese soldiers while trying to relieve himself. As the soldier scampers away with his ass bare and his pants around his knees, his comrades are killing the Japanese who are determined to kill him. It is undeniably funny, in the oddest kind of way. It's the darkest kind of dark comedy in the midst of all this killing, but it shows a different perspective on the mayhem. Insanity can be downright hilarious, and war is definitely insane.

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