Real Chance of Love 2: Preview of Premiere Episode "Back in the Saddle Bros.

Real and Chance return on another season of VH1's Real Chance of Love, and the Stallionaires are ready to put their hearts on the line once again. Their last try didn't end on a happy note. Real wasn't able to make a romantic connection with anyone, while Chance's relationship with the wholesome girl Cornfed wasn't much of a success.

Even though Real and Chance were left disappointed during the show's first season, they haven't given up. They're hoping to find the girls of their dreams once again, and their quest begins with the episode "Back in the Saddle Bros."

With several new ladies vying for their affections on Real Chance of Love 2, can they finally find the ones they can settle down with? The Stallionaires are hoping to meet their perfect Stallionette and even broaden their field with an added twist.

On the first episode of the season, the guys reveal that there won't be any division this time. The "Real Girls" and "Chance Girls" concept has been done away with, which means effort for this the competition is doubled and the stakes have gotten higher.

This causes the women to plan out their game carefully, even calculating their actions to be with the man they want. There's certainly more surprises in store for everyone, whether it's full-blown temper tantrums or romance entirely.

With the night growing late and the drinks taking effect, it's up to Real and Chance to pick out who will stay and who has to go. Before their first meeting ends, only sixteen ladies will remain eligible to play for The Stallionaire's love.

There's plenty of drama and action on this season of Real Chance of Love, and the ladies have shocking personalities that may just put the Stallionaires in their place. You can see for yourself on the trailer below.

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