Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Inglorious Bassterds" Season 3, Episode 17

The characters on Gossip Girl typically love to play games, and in this week's episode they went above and beyond. Dan and Vanessa engaged in some mutual lying; Serena hosted an Assassin-themed birthday party for Nate; and Chuck and Blair played a very high-stakes game with matters of the heart.

The Liar's Club

Dan was working on a play for his application to Tisch, and Vanessa was working on a script for a class of hers. Typically, they share their work with each other in hopes of getting honest, constructive feedback, but Dan was hesitant to do that now because they're sleeping together. Vanessa thought this was silly and swapped papers with him. So Dan read Vanessa's script, and it was awful. He thought he should lie, but Rufus advised him to be truthful. Dan started to be honest, but when he saw Vanessa's reaction, he lied and told her it was great.

Vanessa then lied and told Dan she hadn't read his play yet. However, Dan soon discovered it in her bag, and she had it covered with red notes. He finally confronted her, and they gave each other critiques of their work. So all was good...or so we thought. Vanessa had an odd expression while hugging Dan after this honest exchange of feedback. Later, we learned that she, too, is applying to one of the few coveted positions in Tisch's writing program and trying to keep it a secret from everyone, including Dan.


Nate loves playing Assassin, so Serena arranged a game with tons of their friends for his birthday. However, she thought it would be even more fun to make it a surprise party, so she told him they were going to some toad benefit instead. Nate, needless to say, was less than thrilled about this, and Serena stole his cell phone so he wouldn't find out about the party. Jenny was clued in to Serena's plan by Eric. (Yes, there was an Eric sighting this week! He even had his own subplot in which he found a new cute boyfriend in the building.) Upon hearing the fact that there would be a "five-hour window" in which Nate would mistakenly think Serena was a bad girlfriend, Jenny seized this opportunity to lure in her prey. She subtly got Nate to ditch his birthday lunch plans with Grandfather, and then she kept exploiting her own traumatic incident from last week (the roofie/bachelor party incident). Jenny ignored the APB posted about Nate on Gossip Girl and got him to go to a movie with her. She finally brought Nate to the party an hour late.

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