Episode Recap: Top 9 Revealed

The Top 10 Idol hopefuls motored through Motown songs with help from mentor Smokey Robinson on Tuesday. After performances from Joss Stone, Smokey and Stevie Wonder, we'll find out if one more contestant will be headed home - aka, whether or not Paula and Simon put down their crayons long enough to help kick another Idol hopeful to the curb.

More bad lip-synching! Actually, Megan's "solo" didn't sound like Megan at all. Interesting. It's a Motown medley, which I think deserves the dignity of real singing! If they have to learn the words, why not just sing the songs?

Adam is back to his emo-rocker look tonight - sorry everyone who thought his Elvis/Kurt Russell/Ricky Nelson look would stick around for a while.

Ford music video plays, set to Natasha Bedingfield's "Pocket Full of Sunshine," and luckily for us, the video is a pocket full of short and sweet.

Ruben Studdard Performs

Season 2 winner - the "Velvet Teddy Bear" - is back to perform his song, "Together." What can I say about Ruben? Where the hell have you been? You look a tad more svelte, but your trademark sweaty head hasn't changed a bit! Dude, now that he's standing next to Ryan, he looks like a freakin' linebacker!

Results - Part One

WTF? Matt Giraud is in the bottom three after his fantastic rendition of "Let's Get It On?" What is wrong with you, America? He better not go home, or things are gonna get ugly at the Fox household tonight. My unborn baby girl just kicked the crap out of me in protest, as well. That's my girl. Joining Matt - and rightly so - in the bottom three is Michael Sarver.

Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson Perform

The hippie-fied Joss and Smokey sing "You're the One for Me" together, and I can't help thinking what an odd pairing these two are. But, hey, who am I? There's just something a little weird about their performance... a little stiff and trying to force a sexy chemistry that just ain't there. But, they sound pretty cool.

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