Recap The 4400: Season 4, Episode 8 - No Exit

Tom Baldwin wakes up at his desk at NTAC with sirens blaring and all computers flashing security breach. Diana Skouris walks down the stairs and explains that she woke up on the floor in the break room and the last thing she remembers is going over case files at home. Meghan Doyle then comes out of her office, asking why she woke up under her office chair.

Meanwhile, Marco Pacella and coworker Brady Wingate in the Theory Room speculate why they are in NTAC and find out that they cannot access the outside world or leave NTAC, while co-worker PJ sleeps.

While searching for an exit, Tom and Diana run into Kyle Baldwin and Jordan Collier, who both run away.

Maia Skouris appears in an empty room, while the NTAC agents discuss options. Tom and Meghan break into a weapons locker which is mysteriously empty. While Tom is in the weapons locker, the door closes and locks. Meghan gets electrocuted attempting to free Tom.

Meanwhile, Shawn Farrell and Isabelle Tyler awake in each others arms and run into Kyle. The three of them regroup with Jordan. A sudden wind burst shatters a window into Shawn's back, killing him. Jordan's group regroups with the NTAC agents.

PJ reveals that he is responsible for the situation, because he took promicin two months ago. The ability first manifested itself with his family. PJ and his family had to work together to get across town to a wedding. PJ explains his ability is a game. In this NTAC game, the players must get out of the building, working together.

PJ explains that in the last couple of times he played, there is always a back door out of the game. This back door is always farthest from the location PJ wakes up in. Marco determines the area where the back door should be in NTAC and PJ, Jordan, and Tom set off to find the exit. The group finds the back door and PJ attempts to exit. PJ is killed attempting to leave.

Meanwhile, the group in the NTAC operations center are trapped behind blast doors while the oxygen is sucked out of the room. Tom and Jordan sacrifice themselves to make a conduit for thousands of volts of electricity to shut down the electricity in the building, ending the game. Everyone returns to life.

PJ is picked up on the way to Promise City and detained at NTAC.

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