Recap The 4400: Season 4, Episode 11 - Ghost in the Machine

Tom Baldwin has been body snatched by a person from the future who wants all 4400 dead. Shawn gave Dr. Burkhoff facilities to discover a way to test yourself before taking the Promicin shot because of the 50/50 life or death probability. Dr. Burkhoff discovers that left- handed people have a better chance of surviving. Rational people think this is good news. Jordan Collier is of the opinion that everyone should take the shot because there would always be a fight between Promicin positives and negatives, eventually leading to the extinction of one of those groups.

In this episode, a man suffering from a stroke is attacking Ubient Software and is making the stock crash. This company is secretly giving financial backing to Tom and his crew of futuristic body snatchers. The company had to be saved at all costs so Tom kills the 4400 responsible by making it look like an accident. This makes Diana suspicious and she and Megan now suspect that Tom has been compromised. Tom suspects that they have found him out. In the midst of all of this, Tom reactivated Isabelle's 4400 powers and implanted in her a chip that would kill her if she disobeys Tom in any way.

Source: Wikipedia

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