'Vampire Diaries' Episode 18 Recap: The hunger

It's unfortunate that Stefan's detox didn't simply involve the continuation of workouts while wearing a wifebeater. That, for 28 days, would have been a win-win for everyone. Instead, he tried to drown his thirst for human blood in the bottle, and that was good for no one. Drunk Stefan wasn't even a good dancer.

Other big revelations this episode:

'Stefan is out of control, but not in a hot way. After fighting his natural urges - which included recreating the Twilight propel-yourself-off-the-bed-and-into-a-wall-after-a-steamy-kiss scene, licking his fingers covered with the blood of Matt's mother, and roughing up an a-hole with bad manners and worse timing - Stefan drank human blood again. Damon, who couldn't understand why his brother wouldn't just drink from a blood bank, left him a tumbler for the second time and Stefan could no longer resist. It's like me when I eat lunch at this restaurant that offers $3 mango margaritas during the week. I know I shouldn't, but I must. It's a little sad, because he'd finally admitted to Elena that he had a problem. But as I said last week, that character can't always just be decent. Otherwise, I'll only want to talk about Damon, which I'm about to do now...

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