'Kick-Ass': How groundbreaking it is that it's called 'Kick-Ass'

Today, a movie called Kick-Ass opens across the country. Remarkably, the only folks who seem to be raising even a quarter of an eyebrow over that fact are local television news producers. Trust me: I taped two separate reviews of the film for TV stations, one in New York, one for affiliates across the country, and in each case, the use of that title had to be vetted, fretted over, and solemnly approved. (For the affiliate version, which was geared to markets in the heartland, I was told that the title wasn't a problem' as long as I said it only a very small number of times.) Kick-Ass, as I wrote in my review, is an engagingly revved-up and original comic-book superhero movie about a high school geek who puts on a green jumpsuit and becomes a phantom crime-fighter, even though he doesn't actually have any special powers. The movie may be controversial in several respects.

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