Survivor Heroes vs Villains' Recap: Take My Immunity Idol, Please! Episode 10

There is so much to dig into with this episode of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. I could kick-start a meaty discussion on the merits of Outback Steakhouse, but I feel such a column could only be written by number one Outback Steakhouse fan Sandra Diaz-Twine, who not only ate there twice a week with her husband but also birthed her first born in the kitchen and later christened the child over potato skins and pints of Foster's Lager. I could poke fun at Rupert for taking the Heroes thing a little too seriously by walking around with a dorky green cape. I could wax poetic about the hidden immunity idol clue not being the first thing to get into both Parvati's underwear and Danielle's cleavage. Or I could announce the launch of my new business venture: a fashion line of affordable robes created from the mind of Benjamin Coach Wade and titled ConfucNietzscheZu. (Perhaps you saw him at Tribal Council modeling our logo while in a pseudo Buddhist Monk pose with his legs crossed and praying. Retail price: $19.99, or wherever dignity is sold.)

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Apr 16, 2010 1:24PM EDT

The author of that article seems to have forgotten that, along with Amanda, Candice didn't think giving away the idol was the smartest idea ever.
But Candice's reasoning was "at least J.T. doesn't have it."
-smacks her forehead repeatedly-
Going into this game, I was all for J.T. winning. After this, after giving the idol to the most ridiculous player in Survivor, J.T. should go home next. This way, he has no chance to say that he "recovered" from his stupidity and still played great.
And as for all those who say Russell is a great player, Russell is 75% LUCK!! He just gets plain LUCKY. There was no strategy in giving Paravati the idol and BETTING that Tyson was going to switch his vote. It was mostly, plain and simple, luck.
Likewise with this J.T. thing.
Think -- Russell has an immunity idol which could serve as an even more powerful tool IF he didn't tell anyone. After all, he knew he wasn't going home. But no.. He has to go around waving it to everybody that's around. Even last season - he couldn't keep the damn thing in his pocket!
Somebody who is a REAL strategist wouldn't need to keep finding idols over and over again to save themselves. Somebody who is LUCKY does just that.

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