Should Heroes End This Season?

Now that the popular consensus is that Heroes: Season 4 Volume 5 Appendix VII Scene V: Redemption is spectacularly "unterrible" we thought that it would be a fine time to ask the big question: Should Heroes End This Season?

Due to a staggering drop in viewership -- from about 16 million watching during Season 1 to about 5 million for some recent episodes -- and two hefty years of critical panning, there's a good chance that Heroes might, in fact, be ceremoniously cancelled after the remaining Redemption episodes play out in a few weeks. Recently, when Heroes regular Sendhil Ramamurthy (the great and wondrous Mohinder) had been cast, in second position, in the David Tennant NBC pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer it stood out as a "sign" that Heroes could be headed for that big Primatech in the sky. Of course, eventually Ramamurthy dropped out of the pilot claiming scheduling conflicts with Heroes - a show that he rarely makes an appearance on these days.

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