New Jersey lawmakers don't like Jersey Shore

Perhaps there is such a thing as bad publicity. New Jersey lawmakers are looking to cancel the MTV reality series Jersey Shore via a boycott of its advertisers. Mind you, MTV has been dealing with controversy since its inception (as has Jersey Shore), so this move is unlikely to cancel the series. If anything, given the anti-establishment vibe of the channel, it may even make it more popular. MTV should send the lawmakers a gift basket.

While I'm no fan of the show, it shouldn't be canceled in this manner. One can only hope that poor ratings contribute to its demise (although that's not likely at this stage).

This sort of end would only give those that support it more fuel for the fire. MTV might be facing less criticism if they had a more ethnically diverse cast for the show. On the other hand, the network might be seeking the criticism out like the attention-whore that it is in an effort to reinforce its reputation.

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