TRUE BLOOD ''I Got a Right to Sing the Blues'' Review - Preview

So last week the king of Mississippi found out there is more to Sookie than meets the eye. At the same time, the king also found out that Bill wasn't as trustworthy as he thought. To make things even more exciting, Eric showed up on the scene too add even more suspense (and sexual tension). So that's where tonight's episode I Got the Right to Sing the Blues begins.


Sookie threatens to kill Lorena which I thought was just about as foolish as Bill's murder attempt on Russell. Since she spent most of the episode locked up there isn't too much to add about my favorite waitress, however is looks like next week is going to be very interesting! I don't know if I would have gone back for Bill if I were Sookie. Also, I'm dying to learn more about this lightening that comes out of her hands. This isn't something that was in the book, so this has been all very new and cool to me.


I'm sorry, but I feel like Bill was down right stupid to attempt to kill a king. I think he might have gotten a lighter sentence if he hadn't of done that. Also, what's with Lorena going SAW style on him? If she truly loved him wouldn't she want him to suffer as little as possible? Also, If vamps can't make contact with the sun, where does she come from at the end? Was she in the slave quarters the whole time?

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