'Work of Art' Goes on Audi Duty

I'm really happy to see that Work of Art is starting to get the buzz it deserves. Also, Simon De Pury could not be cuter and is definitely the next Tim Gunn. Unfortunately, tonight's episode is a little sponsored and the artists will be inspired by driving an Audi and a visit to the Audi Forum. The artists don't look very excited about this challenge, either. Miles gets over-stimulated and takes a nap. Erik doesn't get Miles, but I don't get Erik, so it all works out.

Jaclyn's inspiration is about, what else, men looking at her. Low self-esteem comes out in the most charming ways, doesn't it? She also mentions, "I feel like I have a lot to prove." We might have guessed. The development of the Miles-Nicole storyline is reaching a bit, but we need some entertainment with this lukewarm challenge.

Ohhhhh Jaime Lynn and her car dancing idea. Was anyone else not surprised at all that she used to dance competitively in high school? I'm also not surprised that Jaime Lynn pretty much called Jaclyn out in an interview. She does enjoy getting attention for her body and I'm over her pretending that that's not how it is.

Nicole describes Miles as "the person closest to me in this competition," and I won't argue that. They sort of look similar and might share ideas and inspirations. Note, however, that she did not say "the person I am closest to in this competition," like the producers are making it out to be. Also, Erik can go suck an egg. He needs to shut his yap.

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