Top Chef DC Salutes Babies and Jet Setters

For this week's Quickfire Challenge the judges will create and adult dish and a pureed version for a baby dish. What? Babies don't care! Maybe Tom and Padma's babies care, I don't know. Alex is already annoying the crap out of me with his comments ("I'm gonna get a hooker!" "I practice making babies but not making baby food!"). Alex, please go to an open mic and get this out of your system.

I don't totally understand this challenge. It's not Top Chef for Babies! And why isn't this challenge more patriotic? I guess arbitrarily awarding money to people is sort of American. Tamesha and Kenny (sigh) win the Quickfire and $10,000 each. "Thanks, Dial NutriSkin!" babies cheer everywhere.

For the Elimination Challenge the chefs will prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes for the Hilton hotel. It's tournament style and two people are going home. No one wants to work with Amanda and Steve, who are left to work with each other. Even though being a "team player" is not Amanda's thing.

Tiffany's worried about being with Tim, and I would be too since he's been in the bottom almost every time. The chefs are cooking for some previous Top Chef contestants: Mike Isabella (his best defense: "whatever whatever"), Spike (wearer of many fedoras), and Brian Voltaggio (the gentler Voltaggio).

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