PERSONS UNKNOWN ''Smoke and Steel'' Episode 7 Review

In, PERSONS UNKNOWN Smoke and Steel Episode 7, Joe’s cover is blown, Renbe and Kat take a million meaningless detours trying to board a plane to South America, Moira learns some of McNair’s deep dark secrets and we say so long to our chef/big brother Tom. Quite a lot happened in the seventh episode of Persons Unknown, yet most of it was revealed at such a plodding pace that the episode was a sag in this decent conspiracy series.

Perhaps the most glaring contrivance was the amateur unfolding of revelations; Joe tries to elaborate on what his role is but she is `too angry’ to listen. Really? She’s stuck in a big open-air prison, what else is she going to do? Again, when Joe is put in prison after Janet discovers photos of her daughter in a dossier hidden in his drawer she refuses to allow him to explain, instead taking the `I’m too wounded to listen’ route. When Moira learns McNair has had some shady dealings (he assassinated an innocent man and apparently went temporarily mad afterwards) she initially storms away from him in disgust. One would expect the writers to be able to come up with better filler than pouting. Five minutes in one episode of The Wire was dedicated with hilarious effect to trying to squeeze a desk through a doorway. The writing does not have to be solely about the plot and a little humor would not go amiss in Persons Unknown.

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