SONS OF ANARCHY ''Turning and Turning'' Review Season 3, Episode 5

This week SAMCRO is brought to its knees. The events of season 2 and season 3 so far have left the club backed into a corner - and the only way to get out is to make a deal with the devil herself.

Gemma's peeved at everyone for lying to her about Abel, but she has even bigger things to worry about than not seeing her grandson anytime soon. She may never see him again. Stahl claims her higher ups don't believe Gemma was ever going to turn herself into them, as she had arranged before her heart issues (severe arrhythmia, not a heart attack) kicked in, so they've taken the deal she made off the table. This leaves her with two choices: turn in SAMCRO or face the death penalty for a double murder charge.

Meanwhile, the club has a lead on where the Mayans may be producing the drugs that they want to run through Charming. They go to check it out, sending Tig and Chucky along to scope out the place, which is supposed to be a distributor of cleaning products. They find Mayans inside and Chucky gets roughed up a bit before Tig saves his ass and they get the hell out of there. To add to their inter-MC troubles, that little Lodi club is peeved that their leader nearly got his head run over and arranges to ambush Juice when he tries to tell the drugs the club was given last week. They beat him up, though he's still walking, and take his cut (jacket).

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