Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit (2008) - Review

The Lost Treasure of Ugarit tells the story of Jack Hunter, a archaeologist and treasure hunter that sets off Syria to find the killer of his father, Professor Fredrick, who believed that Syria held the lost treasure of a Pharoah. While in Syria, Hunter discovers that there might be something to Fredrick's claims and begins to pick up where his work left off.

However, Jack is not alone. In Syria he meets up with a woman named Nadine, who works in the Syria Ministry of Archaeology and thinks Jack is up to no good as well as Nadine's co-worker Tariq Khaliff (Mario Bassill). The three of them begin an adventure to find the man that killed Jack's father and the lost treasure that has been hidden for centuries. To make matters worse, somebody else is after the treasure. Jack and company must find it before Albert Littman (Thure Riefenstein) and the Russian mob get to it first.

Here are the pros and cons The Lost Treasure of Ugarit. First, it was filmed on location in Turkey, Syria, and Egypt, so it doesn't have that cheap, filmed in a back lot studio feel. The acting is decent and the story is okay. Be warned that the dialogue is very cheesy. Jack Hunter is dressed up to look like Indiana Jones and has that whole I don't follow the rules attitude that you'd expect from a cheesy action show.

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