Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 5, Episode 1 - The Bostonians

Joey begins her first day in college at Worthington University where she is struggling in her writing class taught by Professor David Wilder. She decides to make her first essay about her relationship with Dawson which leads Professor Wilder to tell her he thinks Joey and Dawson have a long future ahead. When Joey denies it, he asks her to rewrite her essay. Dawson, who's continuing his studies at USC with an internship in Hollywood, calls Joey and tells her that he can't visit her for the weekend. Audrey Lidell, Joey's new roommate from Beverly Hills, proves to be a bother to Joey with her wild life-style personality. Elsewhere, Dawson begins his internship earlier than expected on a shaky start. First, he's mistaken for a famous screenplay writer, meets an egotistical film director named Todd and, after a rift with Todd, finds himself fired. Jen pays Pacey a visit, who's lying low as he docks the yacht in Boston Harbor after sailing away the summer. Meanwhile at Boston Bay College, Jen and Jack are invited to their first fraternity party. They persuade Joey to come along with Audrey who seems to get along with Jen and Jack, much to Joey's surprise. Jen meets Charlie, a bass player. She is rude to him, insulting him away, but deep inside feels strongly attracted to him. Audrey and Joey share their first conversation where Audrey insists that Joey "have fun and let go of the past." Joey then calls Dawson and leaves him a "breakup message" on his answering machine. The next day Joey receives an unexpected visit from...Dawson.

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