Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 5, Episode 2 - The Lost Weekend

Lights up on Joey & Dawson in her dorm room. He checks his messages and hears Joey's from last week. He is hurt. She tells him that she wants to know where their relationship is going. He tells her he thinks everything was said in his room in June. She doesn't agree.

She leaves to go to drop Professor Wilder's class and Dawson goes with Audrey.


Jen and Jack are on the street. She is obsessing over whether or not Charley is going to call her. Jack announces that they are lost and just as he pulls out a map, Jen spots Charley in the window of a radio station. He holds up a sign for her to come in.

At Worthington, Joey is telling Professor Wilder that she wants to drop his class. He attempts to talk her out of it, but eventually signs off on it.

Out in the Worthington quad, Audrey takes Dawson to where he can get a campus tour and they commiserate on how difficult Joey can be. Dawson is surprised when Audrey tells him that she is his tour guide.

Back at the radio station, Jen sits across from Charley, and when he takes a request for Girlfriend In A Coma she joins him on the air and tells him that he can't play that. They banter about maudlin college radio and he alludes to being scared off by her boyfriend. Jen refers to Jack as the "obvious homosexual in the Abercrombie & Fitch sweater."

At the marina, Pacey comes topside of the boat with his girlfriend Melanie. They flirt and allude to just having slept together. They kiss and she leaves. Dougie arrives and tries to push Pacey into a job at a restaurant. Pacey resists, but agrees to meet the guy just to get Doug off his back.

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