BURN NOTICE ''Blind Spot'' Review Season 4, Episode 11

In the BURN NOTICE episode Blind Spot, Michael and Jesse contact industrialist John Barrett about Simon's coded bible. It's all part of a plan to get Jesse back into intelligence. Meanwhile, a well-off woman named Emily has lost all her money being conned by an English lothario, Charles. Sam and Fiona step in to con the con man. It's Chuck Finley time for Sam, convincing this slimeball he's in the same racket, dousing the guy's drink in a club. Michael and Jesse set up a trap for one of Barrett's men with an electrified suitcase and then meet a Barret higher-up, a Colonel of some kind who gives them the they don't know who they're dealing with speech as they hand off a few copied pages of the bible. Sam convinces Charles he's been scammed out of money in his swiss bank account and the same could happen to the Brit con man. Enter Michael as the go-to guy to fix things and the con escalates; Charles thinks he's murdered Emily and set her afire on her boat. Michael says he can makes it all go away and Charles gets a million in cash pissing off his crooked lawyer. Then Charles finds out he's been had big time and Sam with Fi drop him off on a bridge walkway in shock. The conclusion is one bomb after another: Michael's mom Maddy is packing up to see a friend in Tampa as she can't take the Jesse situation; Barret hits town; and Jesse confronts Fi with a gun - he's found out through a security tape it was Michael who burned him. She closes her eyes, expecting a bullet. Instead, he disappears.

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