Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 5, Episode 3 - Capeside Revisited

Joey, Audrey and Jen in a familiar restaurant. As they chat Jen gets a phone call from Charlie. The topic turns to sex and Joey gets up to go to the bathroom. She sees Pacey in the kitchen.


Jen admits to Joey that she knew Pacey was in Boston. Joey asks why she didn't tell her and Jen says that Pacey asked her not to. Joey says that since Pacey didn't want to see her she won't bother him.

Dawson and Grams are at the house. He thanks her for letting him stay. She tells him she likes having him around. He is concerned about telling his parents that he wants to stay in Boston. Grams advises him that they might surprise him... he should just tell them the truth.

At the frat, Jack is playing Nintendo with one of the brothers. He tells Jack that they want him to pledge.

Pacey is in the kitchen in the restaurant slicing potatoes. Karen enters and they have a hostile sparring session.

Jen and Charlie are in his room. Jen wants to know something, anything, about him. He just wants to have sex.

Dawson stands in his front yard in Capeside and Mitch sees him and calls his name.

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