Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 5, Episode 5 - Use Your Disillusion

Dawson comes to tell Gale that he fixed the toilet. When he offers to do more, Gale tells him that he should take Joey up on her offer and go see her in Boston. As Gale leaves, Dawson doesn't look too sure, as we cut to the opening credits.


Joey and Audrey are jogging. Audrey poops out and the sit and discuss Dawson's impending arrival. Joey has the visit planned down to the minute. When questioned by Audrey, she admits that she's afraid that she won't be what Dawson needs.

Professor Wilder rides up on his bike and tells Joey that he has been chosen to catalog the estate of Rose Lizarre, a famous writer, and he wants her to join the team of students that is helping him. She agrees, but tells him that she can't come to his party because of Dawson's visit.

Charley is giving Jen a massage in his room. She asks him to go to a play with her, but he has to work. They end up making out.

At the restaurant, Pacey and the chef, Danny, bond while he teaches Pacey quarters. Karen enters and has a verbal sparring match with Pacey. The chef senses Pacey's attraction and tells him better men have tried. Pacey takes it as a challenge. Danny makes a deal to let Jack have the night off if he can use the boat for a romantic evening with his wife.

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