Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 5, Episode 8 - Hotel New Hampshire

The show opens on Dawson & Pacey on his boat. Dawson confirms that he is not returning to USC. They talk about Pacey’s direction and Dawson’s lack thereof. Pacey tells Dawson about Karen, but backs out of really talking about it with Dawson.


Jen and Joey are taking a study break. Joey asks about Jack and Jen tells her about his frat-transformation. Joey says that she is going to the frat’s formal with Jack. When, Joey asks about Dawson, Jen is surprised that she knows more about what he’s doing than Joey. She tells Joey about his seeing the psychiatrist and that he’s getting better. Joey tells her that she is glad Jen is there for him.

At the frat they guys are preparing for the formal. The leader announces that the number one priority is them all getting laid. He then asks for names of girls who are sure things for the guys without dates, to which Jack offers Audrey.

Pacey goes to Karen’s to ask her out. She initially turns him down, but his hard-sell about it being totally platonic wins her over and she agrees.

Dawson tells his psychiatrist that his friends are still walking on eggshells around him. He says that it’s hard for him to move on. She encourages him to go to the film-festival. Maybe he could take one of his friends.

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